The day that changed it all

There are some things you should know about Vietnam. 

The street vendors , particularly in old town, view you as a walking ATM. And, they are some of the pushiest people I had ever met. Buy this from me. Come to my stall I give you good price. Street to street, around every corner and at every fucking turn. It seemed like it would never end. It was hot as fuck and with all the attention I just wanted to hide. I started to dread leaving the hotel room and I honestly did not think we would last the month. 

Except that, one day just after my birthday in October, something happened that would change everything I had learned about Vietnam until then. In an instant all the pushiness stopped! We were able to calmly walk down the streets of old town without a single person asking anything of me. Suddenly the dread of simply walking down the street had vanished. Thank fucking God! As we walked around visiting spots we had been before we were welcomed with a genuine smile and ‘xin chao’ hello in Vietnamese. 

It was on that day, at that hour, with the glow of a Fat teenage girl that just got asked to the prom I realized Lala and I had made the right decision. On that day we were considered ‘Expats or locals or just them two again! I think.

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