I have been doing these meet ups for years now, mainly set against the New York City backdrop. Street photography will have you on your feet while learning all you need to improve your photography skills weather your just starting out or are looking for new shooting partners and new inspirations.

Meet-ups start usually in the morning at a designated location on a specified date. We will have an introduction to explain camera setting for the day. We cover core reasons to shoot manually and how. After the discussion we get going, walking and discussing photographic technique as well as camera functions to help capture the best street photos possible. At the end we will find a coffee house to sit and discuss editing basics in both LIGHTROOM & PHOTOSHOP followed by a Q&A.

Bellow is the date and time of our next meetup. RSVP below with your email to get a detailed itinerary.

Each meetup is 700,000VND

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Hi  Thanks for the comments on my photos from Saturday!  Just want you to know that I really appreciate all you have taught me these past 6 months!!!  I moved to NYC 6 months ago with my point and shoot camera.  I had never taken a photography class or been to a workshop.   I was completely clueless at my first meetup with you and Steve as the terms depth of field, ISO, Raw, and aperture were tossed around 🙂  Thanks to you and your workshops, I now have a real camera, have a better understanding of camera terms, and shot in RAW and strictly manual for the first time this past Saturday 🙂   I still can’t figure out how to get my photos into that Photoshop program……….but am sure it will come in time 🙂   I am really enjoying this photography journey………… is an awesome escape from my daily life as a nurse 🙂   Have a great weekend!    Tina